Project: GIR
Welcome to the official home of Project: Gir, a site dedicated to keeping you up to date on all of the progress and news related to the design and construction of a REAL and FUNCTIONING Gir robot. The project team consists of three people and one peon:
Carson Welch - Hardware Design/Construction
Arthur Krebsbach - Software Design
Scott Bridges - Software Design
Chris Webster (Peon) - Software Design

****Please be aware that any money you contribute to this project, while GREATLY APPRECIATED, is a donation only. It does not allow you to buy any ownership into the project, nor does it gain you any legal status with the materials for said project. It is simply a no-strings-attached donation.
G. – ??
I. – Information
R. – Retrieval Unit IRKEN PROPERTY
DISCLAIMER: Invader Zim, Gir, and all related Trademarks, Rights, and Reserves are property of
Jhonen Vasquez and Nickelodeon Entertainment/Viacom International.
Project: Gir is in no way associated with the above mentioned parties, and is simply a group of
friends and Invader Zim fans who wanted to start a project to entertain themselves while their wives were busy.