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Congratulations Aylan and Arthur and Aiden too
Added by Great Auntie Shelly on 9-, 2021 at 6: 1:2: PM
Good Morning, I heard the wonderful news from Brandon and then I read it hear also. Very exciting addition and hope all goes well. 22 below zero here, BBRRR, stay warm, Love ya,

Hey and Good Morning!
Added by Tracy on 9-, 2021 at 6: 1:2: PM
I loved Aiden dancing (and singing). It is fun to see them even if it is from far away.

Added by Tracy on 9-, 2021 at 6: 1:2: PM
Loved the picture of Doc Aiden! They are growing so fast.

Good Evening!
Added by Tracy on 9-, 2021 at 6: 1:2: PM
It was fun to watch the latest video of Aiden walking! When did you move into the new house? What is the address and the other important information.... Thanks for keeping the pictures and stuff current. It is a blast to check it out. Love to all of you! Tracy

Requesting info
Added by Mark Krebsbach on 9-, 2020 at 9: 0:5: PM
I am interested in obtaining information on the migration of the Krebsbach family name from Europe to Central MN or WI. I can be contacted at lakedude731@gmail.com

Requesting info
Added by Mark Krebsbach on 9-, 2020 at 9: 0:5: PM
I am interested in obtaining information on the migration of the Krebsbach family name from Europe to Central MN or WI. I can be contacted at lakedude731@gmail.com

Added by Tom Standal on 0-, 2012 at 7: 0:5: PM
I came upon this site while researching my own genealogy. My great grandmother was Barbara Krebsbach. She was born in Boos, Mayen-Koblenz, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. Barbara emigrated to Adams, Minnesota with her husband, Peter Schneider. Congratulations on this site. It's great. Btw, I have a rather extensive genealogy list of Krebsbachs emigrating from Germany to Minnesota and Wisconsin. Feel free to contact me at tjstandal@gmail.com

Regina Levas Krebsbach, Anna-Marie Krebsbach
Added by Andre Wimmer on 2-, 2011 at 3: 1:0: PM
Hello members of Krebsbach Family, my name is Andre Wimmer from Germany and i am searching for Regina Krebsbach ( born as Regina Levas, Kansas City ) Sandra, James ( Jimmy ) and Anna Marie Krebsbach are children of Regina. Regina lived in Chicago,Illinois and died by Cancer. Does anybody know her or her Chrildren/Family? Would be nice to hear some. I'am bloodrelated to Regina. Aslo she got a German Mother ( Anna Höhler-Levas ) They lived in Kansas City,Mo. Her Father was James Levas, born in Turkey/Greece. Get in Contact with me by vonwimmer@gmx.de

Added by Tracy on 5-, 2011 at 07: 1:6: AM
I agree with Katie...I was smiling at the dancing and chasing then laughed outloud at the nose!!!!

Added by Kate Krebsbach on 3-, 2011 at 4: 1:8: PM
The latest video made me laugh out loud. . .especially the end:)

Added by Babu on 1-, 2011 at 5: 0:8: PM

Added by Pradeep on 1-, 2011 at 5: 0:8: PM

searching for Hope Krebsbach
Added by Debra Hoffman on 2-, 2010 at 15: 1:3: PM
I am looking for a girl that was in my home as a foster child in 1975. Her name was Hope. I think of her ofter and wonder if she is well and happy. My email is deb_the_don@yahoo.com Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

Great Movies
Added by Tracy on 0-, 2010 at 01: 0:3: AM
I was watching some of the old movies as well as Lexi break dancing. Always fun! Thanks my nephew.

Added by Tracy on 8-, 2010 at 11: 1:0: AM
I am glad that the dishwasher was put to good use. YEA!

Added by Gene and Patte on 5-, 2010 at 04: 1:4: AM
Hello from the Surf and Racquet Club in Hawaii on the Kona Coast. we are here setting things up. it is a balmy 77 degrees and partly cloudy and we went to sleep to the sound of the ocean waves last night. Love to all

Added by Tracy on 1-, 2010 at 2: 1:6: PM
Thanks for the picture on the front! I will be there tonight. Love to all.....

Added by Tracy Westman on 6-, 2009 at 01: 0:4: AM
It is always fun to check in and see what is new. The girls are beautiful! Love to all of you!

Added by Samantha on 3-, 2009 at 13: 1:3: PM
I just thought i'd tell you i had a wonderful time looking through the pictures and videos of the girls :) They are so flipping cute!!!

Added by Tracy on 2-, 2009 at 4: 1:5: PM
I need your home address. Went to my address book to send a little something and I do not have it. Please send it to me through my email or call me and give it to me ...please. The latest pictures are also great!

Webpage Forums
Added by Arthur Krebsbach on 1-, 2009 at 12: 0:9: AM
I am thinking of adding the forums back to the webpage but mostly just wanted to post something here to see if it is working.

Awww. You forgot to call me
Added by Taycia on 0-, 2008 at 06: 1:9: AM
Had me all sorts of worried, so i checked here...and there she is. What a cutie, congratulations I am coming up the 17th/18th (stying at Cyrus's) Love you Call me

Added by Tracy on 0-, 2008 at 05: 1:9: AM
It was great to look at the pictures of the newest. I really liked the sister pictures! I can't wait to see and hold the new babe in 2 weeks! Tracy

Added by Auntie Tracy on 0-, 2008 at 04: 1:4: AM
My mom would be so honored! I was glad to hear that all are feeling well. I am excited to see the new addition to your family! I will be checking here for a picture or two but I know that I will get to see all in 2 weeks! Bleesings to all---Tracy

Good News!!!!!
Added by Tracy on 1-, 2008 at 14: 2:1: PM
Got an email from Shelly a few days ago but knew that I had to go to the official site to send my congratulations! Hope all is well and you're all feeling fine...OK Art I don't care if your feeling fine! Just joking. Love to all---Tracy

I heart all of you
Added by Aylan on 1-, 2008 at 11: 2:0: AM
This is just to say that I heart all of you! Thanks for keeping our site alive :)

timothy krebsbach
Added by jaheslip1@charter.net on 2-, 2007 at 3: 1:3: PM
I have been trying to find information about tim krebsbach for over a year now. I know he was born in marquette michigan in 1955 and adopted by August and Alice Krebsbach I believe in 1955 or 1956. They lived in the Milwaukee Wisconsin area . Tim was empolyed at Marquette University when he died in May of 2000. I would appreciate and info that you may have

Sorry to hear...
Added by Tracy on 0-, 2007 at 19: 2:1: PM
Aylan- Sorry to hear about the loss of your dad. I would write you a letter but do not have your address. I am so glad that you were able to go home and spend the last days with him. I think that you will always treasure them. My thoughts have been with you, and your family. Love to you all, Tracy

Added by Pradip and Prativa on 8-, 2007 at 14: 1:3: PM
के छ हाल खबर। रामरो लागय वेब्साइट ।अरु पनि फोटोहरु अपलोड गर्नु है। Translation: what's up...nice website. Please add more pictures. -Pradip/Prativa

Hey I found my way!
Added by Tracy on 7-, 2007 at 1: 0:6: PM
I had fun this morning looking at the pictures. Shelly is much more computer saavy then I am but I did get this bookmarked as a favorite so now I can visit more often. Looks like you all are doing well. Love to you! Tracy

I was here
Added by AYLAN on 4-, 2007 at 11: 2:2: AM
Hahahahaha. Arthur is so cute.